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Yale Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

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Serve storage locations several pallets hig

With a 3,000-4,500-lb capacity range and single or deep reach capabilities, Yale® narrow aisle reach trucks combine the latest technology with next-level performance to help exceed expectations in high-density warehousing.

  • Move more with less
  • Operator comfort
  • Best-in-class forward visibility
  • Simplified service

Move more with less

Compared to competitors, you can increase productivity by as much as 7% per truck, per shift but use up to 20% less energy with Yale narrow aisle reach trucks.

  • Cycle times – Industry-leading lift/lower speeds help shave seconds off each cycle
  • Energy efficiency – Up to 20% less energy consumption than competitors means you can get more out of a single battery charge
  • Capacity to height – The ability to lift heavier loads to greater heights allows you to truly take advantage of higher-level storage locations
  • Double reach capabilities – Easily reach into storage positions that are two pallet loads deep, helping maximize storage density without compromising speed
  • Return to center sideshift – Carriage automatically stops at center position, helping boost operator productivity and enable consistent performance
  • Return to set tilt – Forks automatically set at predetermined tilt angle enabling consistent load placement, entry and exit positioning

Operator comfort

Over the course of a shift, operator productivity can drop by as much as 30%. Yale narrow aisle reach trucks are meticulously designed around the operator with features to improve comfort and help reduce fatigue, delivering higher productivity and efficiency all shift long.

  • Forward stance automotive steering – Natural steering familiarity in both directions can help shorten training time for new operators
  • Operator sensing system – A pedal-free design gives operators more usable floor space than leading competitors, allowing the freedom to comfortably adjust stance
  • Yale® Smart Ride floor (optional) – Suspended floor system alleviates up to 60% of shocks and vibrations transmitted to operator
  • Adjustable armrest, backrest and steer tiller – Standard features to help operators find their ideal position

Best-in-class forward visibility

Yale narrow aisle reach trucks are designed to help operators handle product up to 444 inches with precision, speed and consistency, while helping reduce facility, product and truck damage.

  • Mast opening offers 33% greater visibility than competitors and enhances visibility of forks and load when picking at height
  • Lowered reach mechanism helps improve aisle visibility while traveling forward and minimizes postural adjustments to optimize line-of-sight
  • Frame profile improves base arm and fork tip visibility, allowing for precise control when interfacing with racking to pick and place pallets
  • Notched load backrest with industry-exclusive angled bar works with natural operator sight lines for clear view when picking up and dropping off pallets
  • Wireless cameras, built-in fork LED lights and fork laser levels (all optional) can help boost operator accuracy, especially at height

Simplified service

We understand the realities of the predicted technical shortage. That’s why our narrow aisle reach trucks are engineered for simple service – reducing the amount of maintenance required and making service easier when necessary, helping reduce dependence on limited, skilled labor.

In fact, you can reduce overall cost of operation by saving up to $2,500 per truck, per year in scheduled maintenance costs compared to the competition.*

  • Pantograph can be disassembled in four steps to service or replace parts without removing it from the carriage
  • Mast wear plugs allow for mast adjustments in just 15 minutes - no shims, gauges or disassembly required
  • Access door allows technicians to get to traction and hydraulic motors without using any tools

*Calculation based on adhering to OEM recommended maintenance intervals and average $100/hour maintenance labor costs; operating 2,000 hours/year

Sale Type
models and specifications
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Battery Capacity Voltage Weight
NR040DC 4000lbs 272 24-36V / 775-1395Ah 5360
NR040EC 4000lbs 444 36V / 775-1240Ah 5400
NDR030DC 3000lbs 272 24-36V / 775-1395Ah 5590
NDR035EC 3500lbs 444 36V / 775-1240Ah 6190
NR035DC 3500lbs 272 24-36V / 775-1395Ah 5340
NR035EC 3500lbs 444 36V / 775-1240Ah 5400
NR045EC 4500lbs 444 36V / 775-1240Ah 5930
NDR030EC 3000lbs 444 36V / 775-1240Ah 5650
industry sectors
-Wholesale Distribution
- Warehouse & 3PL
- Food Distribution & Processing
- Cold & Frozen Foods
- Building Material
- Home Centers
- General MFG
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
- Retail Store Operations
- Furniture & Furnishings
- Health & Pharma
- Auto Parts Distribution
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